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999 Palmy Co., Ltd.

We are the trustworthy manufacturer and supplier of air grille, powder-coated aluminium, volume damper and all kinds of galvanized iron. Together with our non-stop product development activity, we also particularly pay attention to providing the best services and quality raw materials through our manufacturing process to make the customers confident in the brand named " CFM Per Cool ".

On September 1, 2002, founded by Mr. Pasin Suwannachim and Mrs. Kanyapatra Suwannachim, our plant started its operation and the establishment was set in form of Company Limited, located at Naiklong Bangplakod Sub-district, Phra Samut Jedee District, Samut Prakan Province. From our start-up, we have been trusted by customers for all our manufactured and supplied products. That is why we jump up in rapid growth and our goods and services are well-recognized by new and old customers.

Product of CFM Per Cool
Air Grille
- Supply Air Grille
- Return Air Grille
- Exhaust Air Grille
- Fresh Air Grille

Air Damper
- Volumn Damper
- Motorized Damper
- Fire Damper
- Smoke Damper
- Gravity Damper
- Air Filter

Square and round Air Grilles
Dry-painted aluminium Grille
Dry-painted square and round Diffuser
Dry-painted round aluminium Diffuser
2, 4 inches Aluminium louver
Linear bar and slot
Volume and Gravity Dampers
Motorized and Fire Dampers
Aluminium, synthetic, nylon Filters
All kinds of equipments for compressed
  air piping works

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